*Insurance Alternative*

You can become a “Bright Smiles Savings Club” member

Laketown Dental’s affordable dental savings program provides you significant

savings on personalized, quality care for your whole family without the hassles

of traditional insurance.


$38 for an individual

$98 for a family*

 *(spouse and dependents under 21)

  Dental Insurance comparison to Bright Smiles Savings Club

  Dental Insurance                          Bright Smiles Savings Club

  • Costly monthly premiums and office co-pays                              • One low annual fee

  • Variable levels of coverage for dental treatment                           • 15% Savings on All dental services!

  • Maximum coverage averages $500 – $1500/year                        • No yearly maximum limits on savings

  • Complicated and confusing claim  processing                             • No insurance claims to submit

  • Limited choice of dental providers covered                                  • Care from the dentist of your choice                           

  • Waiting period before benefits are in effect                                 • No waiting period - use benefits immediately

  • Cumbersome application process                                                 • Enrollment is quick and easy


Exclusive 15% Savings off ALL dental services*

• Routine cleanings, x-rays, exams, crowns, bridges, dentures, partials, whitening, root canal therapy, oral   surgery, and more.

 *Discount does not apply to products, Insurance and other discounts.   As always, payment is due the day of service to benefit from this program.

* 15% savings with cash or check and 10% savings when using a credit/debit card.