Got to meet Meghan, friendly and professional. Great visit.

Tab Ashwill

New practice prepared to do a wide assortment of services including extractions, implants, fone grafts and all the usual dental stuff. Very Professional!

Lee Morgan

I am very impressed with the compassion and knowledge conveyed by Dr. Meghan at my consultation. I would definitely recommend Laketown Dental to friends and family! A+ Rating

Deborah Woelfel

Dr. Meghan did a wonderful job on fixing my front tooth. She was very nice and made me feel comfortable. That is all a person can ask for when going to the dentist. Cathy, as always, made the time go by very quickly while I was there. Good luck with the transition, I know it will go well.

Mike Grunewald

Absolutely love having my dental work done here, attention to detail is key and they do a wonderful job, Thanks for your time.

The Laketown Dental staff are professional, thorough, knowledgeable and so kind! Great experience!! Great location! Thank you.

Theresa K.

Thank you so much Meghan and Julie, what a huge difference you made in my day in just a couple hours, I feel like smiling big again.

Gary H.

My wife and I switched from our dentist in Buffalo to Laketown Dental due to poor performance and overpricing from our previous dentist. I recently had Laketown replace an old crown and can tell you that these folks ARE GOOD. No pain, perfect fit, and very attentive staff. Friendly and reasonable prices. Look no further...they make crowns in-house with a CAD/CAM and fit is perfect.

Gerry G.

When we left the office both Brooke and Rose said, "I like it there". We had a great first experience, we were in fast and had very nice service all around! We would recommend Laketown Dental!

Brooke B.

The appointment was quick, and staff very courteous and through. Always great service!

Penny K.

Excellent. Polite and professional. Thanks, Dr. Meghan.

I have had crowns done in other clinics that have not been positive experiences. The procedure I had done at Laketown was very positive: staff explained what to expect, I was prepared for how long it would take. I had very little discomfort during the procedure and no discomfort since.

My surprise "certificate" was a very nice gesture to compensate for my late appointment. It certainly wasn't expected as these things happen. I'm only glad it wasn't me as the emergency show!! Thank you!

Colleen M.

I would have to say that I enjoyed my appointment. I was a full time hygienist for ten years and I thought my hygienist did a great job. The exam was good too. I was very happy that I do not need any treatment now.

Jill C.

Megan the Dental Hygienist was so nice and experienced. Dr. Eric was focused and friendly in explaining my teeth issues!

Dr. Eric was able to see me right away after some excruciating molar pain... Did some adjustments and fixed it right up. Phenomenal care all around.

Michael W.

Re-cementing my crown. I saw Dr. Meghan, she explained very clearly about the process of recementing the crown. They tooth x-rays, I had no decay or sensitivity to hot or cold. She told me there was no guarantee that it would stay on. My crown was about four years old. Dr. Meghan or Dr. Eric did not do the crown originally. She did a great job putting it on and hopefully it will stay on for a long time if it does not I know I will be going back to have a new crown put on. Just like anybody else I wish my crown would be there forever at no more expense to me. But where is there that kind of guarantee in this world. But they did not do the work the first time. I am happy with the work, Thank you Dr. Meghan.

Doug B.

I find the staff and doctors to be very friendly, knowledgeable about new procedures and equipment, and extremely professional. Highly recommend!

Mike H.

My hygienist Katie Jones was very good and made me feel comfortable, she went over and explained dental hygiene very good, very good experience and will be going back.

Dan D.

This was my first visit to Dr. Rambow's office. I was very pleased how kind everyone treated me. This is a very professional yet friendly office.

Marijean F.

I was in and out in a short time. Dental assistant was polite, asked questions about my aches and pains in the teeth. I was very pleased with my appointment. When I left the ladies at the desk set up an appointment and we talked about insurance and I asked questions that they answered. All in all it was a very rewarding appointment.

Ione L.

Love the people working there, always so friendly and helpful, many smiles, very nice new dentist. Thank you for your kindness always.

Dorothy S.

I was very impressed with the dental care that I received at Laketown Dental. I had a crown replaced in a short amount of time, and I am very grateful for the great skill level that Dr. Eric Rambow and his staff provided. Thank you!

Susan O.

I look forward to going to Laketown Dental every time. Everyone is kind and welcoming - and smiling. And I leave with my best smile. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you!

Katherine P.

It was a great visit, I was running late and they were still able to get me in with out a problem. Everyone at the office is friendly and easy to talk with.

Darin H.

I had a fantastic first new patient experience at Laketown Dental. The staff were very professional, thorough, and helpful! I love that they have so much technology from medical records to dental tools. Thanks for a great experience!!

The appointment lasted longer than I had anticipated, but it was SO THOROUGH that it didn't bother me at all! I definitely felt like my best interests were at the heart of the visit!

Aleah E.

Excellent, painless. Great staff, friendly. Dr. Meghan very accommodating and calm. Do their best to ease your concerns.

Joseph F.

We found the clinic to be very professional, with a very thorough exam and explanations of all that was being done.

Peggy L.

Katie is always great! Sall courteously took my money. No opportunities for improvement from my perspective.

Thanks so much LTD for the invite to partake and gather. Seeing staff and meeting everyone was fun. Really appreciate all you do for all of us. Can't wait to see you all again.

Greg W.